34 - Fetish Scene Do's and Don'ts

When you join the kink community there are very few hard and fast rules that we are expected to conform with, however approaching the community and the people in it with consideration and common sense definitely goes a long way to helping make new friends.   A lot of us learn the hard way when it comes to certain aspects of the scene, and we look back thinking, ‘wow, I wish I’d known that sooner’, so we are attempting to cover some of the things we wish we’d been told before we got involved in the scene, and we also cover a few things we wish other people would learn, yes we mean the guy's still sending the dick pics! We’re not out to preach, and we have definitely made a few of these mistakes ourselves, and as always we don’t want to come across as negative, so while we are saying ‘don’t do this’ we are counteracting with what we think might be a better course of action to help make you more friends and make you experience on the scene even more awesome.   While we cover mostly ideas on improving your social interactions, we also throw in a few practical items and we also repeat some things we may have said once or twice before, but they are worth repeating. Dicks pics, consent, scene etiquette etc! I don’t think we can ever talk about these things enough.As always if you have any feedback on this episode, on the podcast in general or a kink related question, then please do email us on hello@proudtobekinky.com. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Fetlife. We also love hearing from listeners on all these platforms, so if you’re following us do say a little hello and let us know you’re a listener.   You can also check out our sister podcasts from the Podcast Jukebox Network. This includes Off The Cuffs: a kink and BDSM podcast, Parking Lot Radio, the Will Sean Podcast and Drinks With God. You can also leave us all a lovely 5 star review if you're listening via iTunes (apple podcast app). You can also visit us on our Patreon page www.patreon.com/proudtobekinky. This is now the only place you will find new releases of our spin-off podcast FemDom and Fetish Fun, we have recorded a second episode and it should be with our Patron’s very soon.