98. Narratives of hate – with Cristina Ariza

In 2002, Anders Breivik, a computer programmer in Norway, began a nine-year plan to finance his 2011 terrorist attack – where he would take the lives of 77 people. Ninety minutes before the attack Breivik sent out a mass email with a far-right manifesto entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. 

Now, nine years on from the release of Brevik’s manifesto, the far-right in Britain and across the world seems to still be gaining ground. 

On this episode of the pod, Stefan Rollnick talks to friend of the pod Cristina Ariza from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, who has been comparing the themes of Breivik’s manifesto with four far-right groups in the United Kingdom to see how their narratives compare and to see what it can teach us about how to fightback against these narratives.

Further information:

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