Technology producer panel at first-ever Data and Innovation Summit

In this Progressive Dairy podcast episode, four dairy producers discuss how they best utilize dairy data technologies and systems to maximize efficiency, profitability and results. They recently participated in a panel discussion moderated by Editor Walt Cooley during the Data and Innovation Summit, held in conjunction with the National Holstein Convention. 

The four dairy producers include: Mack Drees, Drees Holsteins; Dr. Portia Seckerson, Blue Horizons Dairy/Northern Valley Livestock Services; Chris Szydel, Pagels Ponderosa; and Bob Webb, Summit Farms.

Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Mack Drees’ presentation [~2:00]
  • Bob Webb’s presentation [~12:45]
  • Chris Szydel’s presentation [~17:00]
  • Dr. Portia Seckerson’s presentation [~29:20]
  • What is the one technology you use that is most optimal in your opinion and you would miss the most if you lost it? [~37:00]
  • Out of these categories – automation, breeding, cow health, compliance/employee engagement, time management for financial performance, and milk quality – which is the highest priority when making a technology decision? [~40:20]
  • Dr. Seckerson, what platform are you using at your practice to benchmark across herds? {~44:00]
  • Now that you have multiple systems in place, in hindsight is there any that you would have swapped the order in which you installed them? [~44:30)
  • What are the most promising technologies that are coming out that will be additive to what you are doing on your farms? [~48:35]
  • Walt’s take-home messages from the panel discussion [~56:15]