Dairywoman Jodi Wallace: What is zero-zero calf care?

Do you think zero treatments and zero death loss among your calves is possible? 

In this episode, you’ll hear from someone who’s done it – for four consecutive years on her farm. Canadian dairy veterinarian and dairy producer Jodi Wallace of Silverstream Holsteins joins the program. She talks about zero-zero calf care and what it takes to make it obtainable and what ultimately broke her farm’s four year zero-zero streak. During this interview, she also explains how her farm used their COVID-19 lockdown time productively. 

Knowing she is a vet, you would guess that she’s always telling her producer clients to follow label instructions, but she talks about one label she’d actually like to see producers disregard until it gets changed. And by the end of the interview, you’ll be hungry for pancakes as she talks about her farm’s diversification into the maple sap harvesting business.