EP 350: Slowing Down For Success With Coach Reva Patwardhan

I still struggle with belonging. I struggle with the constant fear of unfamiliar situations and people—along with the fear of plenty of familiar situations and people—something Laura James describes in her book, Odd Girl Out.

But I can also see my outsider perspective as a strength—and one that I can leverage.

My guest today surprised and delighted me when she started our conversation off with her own exploration of belonging—and how finding that intrinsic sense of belonging has become a real strength for her while also leveraging her outsider perspective, too.

Reva Patwardhan is a coach and facilitator who guides changemakers and leaders working for social change to help them lead with confidence, clarity, and purpose.

This conversation had so many high points for me. We kick off with belonging, but we also talk about deep processing, narrowing the scope of her work, noticing, systems, and why slowing down is so important.

Reva and I also talk about her experience through the lens of ADHD, as well as her experience as a highly sensitive person.

This conversation is rich and useful, whether you're a neurodivergent business owner or not. Reva's experiences lay out a beautiful framework for better understanding yourself and your own strengths - so with that...

Let's find out what works for Reva Patwardhan.

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