The Psychology Behind Good Product Marketing

If you are interested in the psychology behind good product marketing, consider this episode a must hear! Today’s guest is Phill Agnew, the director of product marketing at Brandwatch, the world’s leading social intelligence company. In this episode, Phill shares the importance of behavioral psychology, how brands can avoid the herd mentality, and his thoughts on the use of the scarcity method/principle in marketing. 

Show Notes

[02:15] What a lot of studies on consumer psychology suggest

[02:57] What Brandwatch is and what he does as director of product marketing

[03:50] How he fell into the role 

[04:50] Why most product marketers don’t understand the customers very well

[06:39] The importance of behavioral psychology

[08:47] What he meant by distinctiveness

[12:30] How brands can avoid the herd mentality

[16:15] What being distinct really is all about

[18:35] What anchoring is and a few examples of anchoring

[23:36] How anchoring can be applied to online businesses

[31:00] His thoughts on the use of the scarcity method in marketing

[33:40] His one (or two) piece of advice for marketers

[36:27] Where people can find him

About Phill Agnew

Phill Agnew is the director of product marketing at Brandwatch. Phill’s experience is in product marketing and he specializes in consumer behavior. Phill is also the host of Nudge Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to consumer psychology. Phill is also a keen writer and an avid public speaker with interests in brand development, product marketing, and entrepreneurialism.