How Clearbit Operationalized Product-Led Sales to 5x Pipeline

Kevin Tate is the Chief Revenue Officer at Clearbit. His expertise lies in strategic marketing, specifically in eCommerce, enterprise SaaS, social media, digital marketing and the like. He has over 24 years of experience in the field and has led several go-to-market software professional services and hardware-enabled SaaS companies.

In this talk, he explains how Clearbit boosted their product-led to a 5x pipeline as well as how the company creates a seamless experience for their corresponding prospects. There's a lot to dig into this episode. Tune in to find out.

Show Notes

[0:36] What brought Kevin to Clearbit?

[1:56] Some of the big steps that he took in order to get to where he’s at

[4:12] Kevin talks about MEL’s (marketing engages leads).

[8:24] Creating the weekly visitor report 

[11:06] What type of problem space do they want to help companies explore with these tools?

[18:41] What metric do they use to reach out to people?

[28:56]. How to further accelerate your pipeline growth?

[31:19] Try to make your tools as accessible, available, and convenient as possible.

[32:07] How can you identify the best person for your ICP and prioritize your best accounts better? 

[34:07] The importance of having a portable segmentation approach

[36:28] Kevin’s recommendations in nailing the company’s segmentation process

About Kevin

Kevin Tate is a charismatic leader who likes to work swiftly to adhere to the vision, mission, and goals of his company. With over 24 years of experience, Kevin is well-seasoned to help people fully succeed when they deep dive into the market. He is currently the Chief Revenue Officer of Clearbit, an investor, mentor, and business tycoon at heart.




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