PLP 124 – #HowIGotHere with Elena Verna

Elena Verna is the interim head of growth at Amplitude. This digital optimization system enables organizations to see and predict which combination of features and actions translates to business outcomes. Amplitude is the brain behind more than 45,000 digital products at over 1,000 enterprise customers and 23 of the Fortune 100, helping them innovate faster and smarter by answering the strategic question: “How do our digital products drive our business?” Discover how to apply the product-led framework to your career growth with Elena’s unique perspectives and insights.

Show Notes

[01:09] A quest to make an impact and how to make linear growth into an exponential curve

[08:08] How listeners can replicate the framework to grow their careers

[11:37] Select the winners by experiencing a lot of failures

[13:53] When is it time to change one’s career path?

[16:47] Implementation of growth principles: how to acquire, retain, and monetize

[24:29] Focus on creating frameworks to solve problems instead of coming up with pointed solutions

[32:07] The problem is that we’re afraid to actually publish solutions

[36:01] Relevant topics that are worth communicating about

[39:09] Where does Elena get all her ideas, food for thought, and concepts?

About Elena Verna

Elena Verna is the interim head of growth at Amplitude. Elena is a well-known legend in growth communities. She has co-created some of the most successful growth stories in the last decade, including Miro, Mongo DB, and Survey Monkey, and helped dozens of companies as an advisor, interim CMO, and head of growth.




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