How to Add Sales To a Product-Led Sales Motion with Alexa Grabell, CEO at Pocus

Alexa Grabell is the co-founder and CEO of Pocus, the first product-led sales platform. Pocus enables sales teams at PLG companies to identify, prioritize, and understand their self-serve users to convert them to high-value customers ultimately. In today’s episode, she will share her knowledge about empowering sales teams with data. She then gives her two cents on what are the common mistakes, essential qualifications, and red flags to avoid when you are looking out for the best salesperson to fit in your product-led company.

Show Notes

[00:31] Common mistakes that people should avoid when adding on product-led sales 

[02:48] Laying out important roles and characteristics before hiring a salesperson

[06:39] What other things to look out for in the qualification process?

[ 08:16] Red flags to look out for that might not fit in the product sales motion

[13:12] Advice to companies that are switching from sales-led to product-led

[16:39] Do a brainstorm session for all the things that you need in your business

[19:45] Why is it important to shift your mindset?

[20:50] Experimentation and keep learning from your users

About Alexa Grabell

Alexa started the company while getting her MBA at Stanford GSB based on her experience leading up sales strategy and operations at Dataminr. Her goal and passion is for product-led sales to turn their best users into high-value customers. And her company called Pocus, is the best platform to do that. Pocus brings together product usage, customer fit, and buying intent data into one view, with insights tailored to your business.


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