#HowIGotHere with Sam Richard (Hosted By Andrew Capland)

Sam Crowell Richard is the director of the growth team at OpenView, an expansion stage venture firm that helps turn software companies into market leaders. At OpenView, she has helped accelerate top line growth by establishing processes and best practices that support product-led growth. In this episode, Sam talked about the challenges she faced, the kind of problems she loves to work on, and the most important skills she thinks are needed to succeed in growth. 

Show Notes

[02:35] What OpenView is and how her role fits in there

[04:01] The skillset that has helped her get to this point

[05:32] The foundation of her skillset

[13:20] What happened when she led the marketing team

[18:37] Challenges she faced when she took on project strategy

[20:41] How she learned how to crossover into the product realm

[26:28] What the vibe is at OpenView

[31:40] Favorite type of problems she loves to work on

[33:22] Trends she has noticed

[35:37] The most important skills needed to be successful in growth

[36:57] Common traps she’s seeing

[38:00] Skills she’s working on right now

[39:24] How she knows if she’s making progress

About Sam Richard

Sam Richard is the director of growth at OpenView. She works closely with portfolio leadership teams to determine and implement powerful and impactful growth strategies. Sam also takes care of onboarding and retention optimization, funnel optimization, and channel/partner strategy. Before joining OpenView, Sam worked as the director of growth and engagement at Dispatch.