How to Run High-Tempo Experiments to Accelerate PLG

Pedro Clivati is the Head of Growth at GrowthHackers, the largest online community of growth professionals on the web. In this episode, he shares what people can expect if they are looking to start a business around growth. He then talks about the importance of running tests, corrects certain misconceptions about growth hacking, and offers leadership advice.

Show Notes

[01:12] What Pedro learned as a co-founder 

[03:35] What high-tempo testing is and why it is important for growth

[07:25] How growth teams should measure success 

[11:25] Get comfortable with being wrong

[14:30] Start with a challenge that someone in your team has been thinking of—but didn’t have the resources to work on—and run small experiments in that direction

[15:48] Promote your wins across the company

About Pedro Clivati

Pedro Clivati has a background in marketing and sales, but his foray into growth began when he co-founded Contentools and Growth Boulevard. He also used to be the VP of Global Sales at Contentools, but before that, he worked as a digital marketing consultant.





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