How to build and scale a Growth Team with Andy Boyd

Andy Boyd is the SVP of Product Management and Growth at Appfire. In this episode, Andy talks about his experiences building successful growth teams. Andy also shares great insights that will help you make the switch to the product-led paradigm. 

Show Notes

[01:00] Andy’s experiences with IBM and Appfire

[04:00] The power of compounding growth

[08:15] Building a transparent, open, data-driven culture

[10:20] Comparing opportunities between companies

[19:15] A sneak peek of Andy’s book on building Growth teams

[21:12] Do things outside of your comfort zone

About Andy Boyd

Andy Boyd is the Senior Vice President of Product Management and Growth at Appfire, the leading provider of apps for the Atlassian ecosystem. Andy currently leads the product management and growth disciplines for Appfire’s full portfolio of software solutions with over 200,000 active installations worldwide. Prior to joining Appfire, Andy was part of the founding team that brought the IBM Watson (AI) platform to market, serving in various Product Management roles, including establishing the first Growth team for IBM Watson.


Product-Led Slack Community

“The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

“Running Lean” by Ash Maurya



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