How to Layer Sales to a PLG Approach

Nathan Wangliao is the Head of Business Operations at HeadsUp, a tool that helps product-led sales teams identify which customers to focus on, choose the best moments to reach out, and understand how each customer is using their product. In this episode, Nathan dives deep into the 5 key things product-led companies should consider before layering on sales. He also shares his recommendations for tools that can help product-led sales.

Show Notes

[03:08] The history of product-led

[06:05] Nathan’s observations regarding typical PLG companies

[07:05] Do you have product-market fit? Is there a drop in the customer journey that’s really hard to address without having some kind of sales or support function?

[08:38] Has expansion reached the natural limits of your product?

[09:25] Are you trying to sell to a target segment that might not be open to trying out new products even if the product is a great fit? 

[10:16] How do sales improve the user economics or the final metrics of your company?

[11:48] The differences between traditional enterprise sales versus PLG sales

[16:10] About front-end and back-end tools for product-led sales

About Nathan Wangliao

Nathan Wangliao is a graduate of Cambridge University where he founded Hack Cambridge (the university’s annual hackathon which is now in its sixth year). He currently works with Momo Ong, one of the co-founders of HeadsUp who has been a guest on the Product-Led Podcast.

In his past life, Nathan was a law student, a consultant, and an army mechanic. He likes to climb in his free time.


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