Value Gap: The Problem 9/10 Software Companies Are Facing

Aggelos Mouzakitis is a product-led growth mentor at GrowthMentor. He is also the growth product manager at Growth Sandwich, a very prominent customer-led growth agency that helps B2B SaaS companies work through deep customer empathy and win/loss data. In this episode, Aggelos shared what the value gap is, how he fixes it, and what he recommends so companies don’t have to deal with value gap.

Show Notes

[01:05] Favorite road trip he’s been to

[01:56] How he became the growth product manager at Growth Sandwich

[03:29] What value gap is

[06:37] How he fixes the value gap

[15:44] What to do when a product is used for something completely different

[19:30] How big the value gap problem is

[21:32] What businesses that don’t have the value gap problem are doing right

[22:48] What he’ll recommend to companies so they won’t have to deal with value gap

[22:56] One or two pieces of advice he’d like to give to those who would like to go product-led

[28:11] His call to action

About Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos Mouzakitis’s background is 40% marketer and 60% product manager. He is obsessed with user research and jobs-to-be-done and is one of the very few people certified in the framework. He founded Growth Sandwich in 2017 and has worked with more than 100 SaaS companies. He has also trained thousands in person and through his online courses.