Creating a Data-Led Culture with Rachel Obstler, VP Product at Heap

Rachel Obstler is the ​​VP Product at Heap, a digital insights platform that empowers product teams to focus on what matters—building the best products. In this episode, Rachel talks about proactive analytics and why it’s key to delivering a great product experience. She also offers advice on product-led growth, highlighting the importance of effective teamwork and making sure that everyone agrees on the data.

Show Notes

[03:05] The advantages of proactive analytics

[04:45] An example of what Heap is capable of

[06:22] About Heap Illuminate

[08:10] The challenges of building your own digital insights platform

[10:32] Data is a way to align different teams in an organization

[13:13] Have KPIs that you review on a regular basis

[15:15] Baseline your metrics especially if you’re embarking on product-led growth for the first time

About Rachel Obstler

Rachel Obstler is a self-proclaimed data geek who specializes in go-to-market strategies and product management. She has over 20 years of experience leading product teams for different companies, including PagerDuty, DynaTrace, and Keynote Systems.

Rachel learned to love recreational ice hockey while she was getting her bachelor’s degree at MIT. She still plays it to this day. 



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