How to Fine Tune Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Jon Butterfield is the Head of Growth at Speedinvest, one of Europe’s largest seed-stage investors with over €400m in seed capital. In this episode, he weighs in on the common mistakes that investors and founders make when it comes to product-led growth. He then talks about product-market fit and offers advice on data.

Show Notes

[04:40] The danger of premature growth

[07:00] Get your data right first before you launch your product

[10:15] Talk to as many customers and potential customers as possible

[11:20] What to do after finding product-market fit

[15:45] How to breakdown your go-to-market strategy 

[18:30] More sales does not necessarily mean more success

[21:20] Look into cultural differences before going into different markets

[22:48] Some examples of product-market fit: Quibi, Myspace, Facebook, and Airbnb

[26:55] Have a data tracking system in place or hire a business intelligence analyst

About Jon Butterfield

Jon Butterfield has started companies across Europe and the United States over the last 15+ years. He specializes in go-to-market strategies, product-market fit, developing growth models and aligning data and analytics to a business’ and customer goals.

When not building businesses, strategies and models, Jon spends time on his second passion, building motorbikes. He also enjoys mountaineering and spending time in nature with his family.


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