Marketing in a PLG company with Jenn Steele

Jenn Steele is the VP of Marketing at Reprise, a product experience platform for product-led growth. In this episode, she talks about enterprise marketing, the cross-functionality of it, and what a product-led sales motion means. She offers advice to gather more product signals.

Show Notes

[03:05] Product-led growth versus the freemium model

[05:42] How enterprise marketing can tie in with the go-to-market approach

[08:00] Think about products and platforms that your company already has as ways to get marketing signals

[09:08] How product marketing works in a product-led sales motion

[11:30] Communicate with your product team 

[15:35] Start with baby steps like a product tour

[16:55] Once you’ve harvested email addresses from your demo, have it go through the usual steps for your sales team

[18:48] What Reprise does

About Jenn Steele

Jenn Steele’s career has had a lot of marketing leadership roles. She loves marketing to marketers and other executives, growing people and companies, and telling stories (both with and without data). She is also passionate about furthering women in business.


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