How To Generate High-Impact Growth Ideas

Maja Voje is the founder, growth advisor, best-selling instructor, and head of Growth University. Also dubbed as a growth marketing and digital transformation expert, Maja uses the “real world, real results” approach to empower teams and organizations. Maja has also managed digital projects for world-class companies like Rocket Internet and Google. In this episode, Maja shared the story behind her workshops, her prioritization framework, and how she makes sure team are executing their ideas. 

Show Notes

[03:01] The story behind her workshops

[05:01] How she runs her workshops

[12:31] The ideal people who should be a part of her workshops

[14:58] Time she gives people to gather data before the actual workshop happens

[18:30] What an agenda of the workshop looks like

[24:24] Her system for voting so the results are not biased

[25:02] Her prioritization framework to make sure experiments are ordered accordingly

[29:02] A good number of ideas that comes out of her workshop

[30:45] How teams can ensure they are executing their ideas

[32:29] Advice she’ll give to the listeners

[34:30] What she wants listeners to do

About Maja Voje

Maja Voje is a globally-recognized digital transformation and growth marketing expert who has managed Rocket Internet and Google’s digital initiatives. She is also a co-instructor in the world’s best-selling online growth hacking course, used by the likes of, IBM, and Tesla. Maja has also helped raise €20 million in growth capital and has worked with many international companies based in Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, and the United States.