How Userflow Bootstrapped to 7-Figure ARR With 3 People and a Product-Led Approach

Esben Friis-Jensen is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Userflow, a no-code builder for in-app onboarding and surveys that allows SaaS businesses to be more product-led. Userflow is 100% bootstrapped, and with just 3 people they have achieved 400+ customers and a 7-figure ARR (annual recurring revenue). Let's learn how they have been able to do this by having a product-led growth approach that focuses on the UI/UX of their product as well as building the strongest product possible.

Show Notes

[2:59] Do they just need a growth person, and how did the whole idea start?

[5:35] Product-Led Growth facilitates the retention of direct customer feedback

[8:13] What are the first big initial steps that he took to scale up his business?

[11:43] You need to have a lot of integrity and certainty in what you’re doing.You need to believe in the product that you’re selling

[14:15] How does he differentiate SEM from SEO?

[17:12] What’s the next big step that he took to 5x the business?

[21:12] Esben walks us through how he refines value propositions

[33:26] The more open your messaging is, the more different kinds of users you will have

[42:44] How does his company maintain customer focus?

[50:12] Esben’s deliberate game plan for his business

About Esben Friis-Jensen

Esben Friis-Jensen is the co-founder of Userflow, a no-code platform for building onboarding guides and product tours.Before working on Userflow, he co-founded an application security platform called Cobalt. Additionally, he has a background as an Accenture consultant with more than three years of experience in test and deployment management of global IT implementations.






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