Signing Up for 50 ProductLed Companies With Gina Allman

Gina Allman is ProductLed’s content specialist. Her diverse background goes from finance to marketing. Despite the disparity, Gina can still draw the line from those various disciplines and apply it to marketing and product-led growth. She shares how she creates original content for the blog even when there is not much to find out there.

Show Notes

[00:58] Researching for content is not an easy task

[03:58] The 50 best PLG examples and what stood out the most

[08:37] A major principle of PLG is a great user experience

[10:08] What made other companies stand out

[14:28] Two key takeaways for freshly transitioning businesses

About Gina Allman

Gina Allman is a content specialist at ProductLed. She has held positions in a variety of disciplines, including finance, marketing, and content writing.




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