How a $4B Business Makes The Transition From Sales-Led to Product-Led

Ian Robertson is an innovative thought leader with undeniable skills in business strategy, employee development, software management, and product-led growth. He is currently the head of Product-Led Growth at Boomi and has spearheaded its transition from Sales-Led to Product-Led. Ian has proven himself to be a highly skilled and dedicated leader who always strives to bring out the best in his colleagues and the company. Today he’ll be sharing the big steps that Boomi had to implement during their sprint to achieve product-led growth. You’ll learn so much as we talked about, pricing strategies, operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Catch him in this episode and stay tuned for more. 

Show Notes

[1:18] What are the big steps that he had to take to be able to achieve product-led growth?

[2:28] Boomi is the way to connect various endpoints in your digital ecosystem to create better business outcomes.

[7:28] What did they cover during the two-week sprint?

[16:12] When they started the sprint for PLG, was the pricing iteration in the works? 

[28:09] If you bother to sign up for a trial, you should have a good trial experience. 

[30:00] They can now use Boomi for all use cases, not just large use cases, and that allows them to win more deals to reduce the operational debt of having multiple integration platforms and sell more services.

[31:34] We need to align the objectives of the team.

About Ian

Ian has directly led Boomi in terms of acquisition, operations, and automation of teams. He also established a global program management team to support the transition into the enterprise and other multi-organizational initiatives.Ian excels at all tasks and work assigned to him, and he strives to produce the highest quality work possible. He is not afraid of challenges and approaches each problem with new and creative solutions.




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