How Building a Community Can Drive Growth

Lloyed Lobo is the co-founder and president of Boast.AI, a fintech platform that helps companies identify, claim, and finance R&D tax credits and government incentives. In this episode, he shares how the Traction community came to be. He then weighs in on community-led growth and the value of making an impact. He also goes into what Boast.AI has to offer and the different phases of product-led, sharing advice for early founders.

Show Notes

[03:02] About Lloyed’s background and the philosophy behind Boast.AI and Traction

[08:20] The company’s big vision

[10:58] The 2 things that transcend companies

[11:28] How to measure impact

[14:12] Build a community and you won’t become a commodity

[16:25] How Boast.AI evolved from a sales-led model

[21:35] What Lloyed learned from the different phases that the company went through

[27:22] Why you shouldn’t do things that scale

[29:00] Lloyed’s advice on transitioning from sales-led to product-led

About Lloyed Lobo

After graduating with a degree in software engineering, Lloyed Lobo went into product and growth while working for a few venture-backed companies. He co-founded Boast.AI with his college friend, Alex Popa. He co-founded Traction as a non-profit initiative with his friend Ray Walia, CEO of Launch Academy to provide resources to help innovators become successful.










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