The Role of Product Vision in PLG

Partho Ghosh is the Senior Director of Product and Growth at Hootsuite, the leading social media and marketing dashboard. In this episode, he talks about Hootsuite as a platform and how the company has been structured. He then weighs in on the relation between product-led growth and acquisition, sharing some experiments that Hootsuite has done. He also offers advice on onboarding.

Show Notes

[02:48] How Hootsuite is looking to elevate in terms of product-led growth

[04:55] An overview of Hootsuite’s onboarding approach

[09:50] What the platform has to offer

[14:35] How product-led growth works in the acquisition space

[17:52] About the onboarding checklist and the onboarding funnel

[23:32] How Hootsuite measures success

[28:50] On the company’s product growth team and what needs to be changed

[31:40] Product-led growth takes a village but it’s kickass

About Partho Ghosh

Partho Ghosh is a customer-obsessed, data-informed product executive and product-led growth expert who can create measurable product processes that lead to large-scale growth. He brings over a decade of experience in B2B SaaS, MarTech, and eCommerce—leading the charge for numerous product transformations at hyper-growth startups.

On the side, Partho is a constant connector who has spoken at numerous conferences such as Pendomonium, the Traction Conference, Pavilion, and ProductCamp. He is also an avid scuba diver.







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