How Gated Generated 30% MOM User Growth

Andy Mowat, CEO of Gated, is an expert in building sales and marketing engines for world-beating companies. Gated works with existing email setups, making it fast, simple, and effective to use. It also reduces inbox volume by an average of 43%, making your inbox more productive and peaceful. What’s even more exciting is that their teams are rooted in wellness and clear communication, which promotes the company’s overall healthy growth and success.

Gated recently experienced a 30% month over month user growth, and Andy will explain the steps that led to this success.

Show Notes

[1:32] His goal is to help reduce the noise of emails. 

[2:19] What are some of the first things that he did to build the user engine for his company? 

[5:19] Social proof becomes one of the easiest ways to short-circuit any mental barriers.

[7:26] How does he monitor things in his business? 

[11:26] How did he build this 30% month over month user growth engine?

[18:30] Start talking and listening to people.

[32:58] Understanding users' criteria is beneficial. 

[34:00] Customize your charity by allowing domains and allowing donations.

[36:41] A recap of the top 5 things that he did to achieve 30% MOM

About Andy Mowat

Outside of emails, user engines, and such, Andy Mowat is an advisor to growing SaaS companies. His collection of Keanu gifs will completely shock you, not to mention his love for the outdoors and adventures. Andy is not only a team player but also a family man. He is loved by many, especially by his colleagues, who can vouch for his outstanding performance in his areas of expertise.




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