A Deep Dive Into Customer Research with Allison Dickin

Allison Dickin is the Head of User Research at Sprig (formerly UserLeap), an all-in-one product research platform that delivers the 3 key pillars of product research—video interviews, concept testing, and microsurveys. She joins the show to discuss how iterative learning drives website conversions and offers tips so that product-led teams can improve their user research process. 

Show Notes

[02:08] Why user research is important

[03:28] The 2 critical phases in the user cycle that are difficult to get customer insight from

[05:13] Ask users questions that are relevant to what they’re doing in the moment, keep your questions short and simple, and only survey as many users as you need

[07:48] How to get good response rates

[09:32] Allison’s recommendations to improve onboarding experience

[12:13] How to phrase your survey questions

[14:30] On multiple choice questions and micro-surveys

[17:32] How to spread survey/research insights within the organization

[19:13] Allison’s advice for people/teams who are doing product and user research 

About Allison Dickin

Allison Dickin is an experienced user researcher who blends rigor with pragmatism to guide customer-informed decision-making for digital products. She works with startups to lead qualitative and quantitative research studies. Her clients include Blue Apron, Skillshare, Catalina Crunch, and Microsoft.


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