The Journey From Sales-Led To Product-Led

Guilherme Lopes is the co-founder and customer success executive at RD Station, the largest SaaS company in Latin America. RD Station helps businesses increase their efficiency and sell more using their marketing and sales tools. With RD Station, you can capture contacts and connect pages, create personalized journeys, and identify the best opportunities. In this episode, Guilherme discussed what prompted them to go product led, what their journey has been like, and what he’ll do differently as it relates to the whole transition.

Show Notes

[03:03] His background and what he’s been up to

[05:10] Their main impetus to go product led

[08:20] Pros and cons of the sales led approach

[13:35] What their journey to product led has been like

[21:17] Ways he built influence to get more people to think about product led

[24:34] Areas of resistance he encountered and how he addressed it

[27:05] How they structure their pricing

[30:32] How they get more teams to get into thinking product led

[33:36] The main reason behind having a low touch and high touch sales teams

[45:17] What he’ll do differently as it relates to the whole transition

[46:52] Biggest difficulty in getting the light version to launch with confidence and how they addressed it

About Guilherme Lopes

Guilherme Lopes has been building apps since 2005. In 2011, they saw this gap in the South American market and decided to build RD Station. RD Station is now the largest SaaS company in Latin America. By combining their marketing and sales products with people who care about results, they have been supporting businesses from plan to execution.