Improving Customer Experiences with Claudia Zúñiga, Customer Experience Manager at Jungle Scout

Claudia Zúñiga is the manager of customer experience at Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform that helps entrepreneurs sell on Amazon. In this episode, she shares the lessons the company learned during its transition from sales-led to product-led. She also answers questions from the audience, weighing in on different scenarios like what to do if you have a low acquisition-to-activation rate and how to get new users without paid ads.

Show Notes

[02:20] A little bit about Claudia and Jungle Scout

[07:55] Put your product at the center of the customer experience, help your users help themselves, and be data-driven

[12:52] On building bridges, cultivating relationships, and the importance of research

[16:52] What Jungle Scout’s onboarding experience was like then versus now

[20:08] How to activate free trial users

[22:30] Some of the tools that Jungle Scout uses

[26:38] Try to understand the different customer types

[31:20] How Claudia and her team got the organization and stakeholders onboard with the product-led approach

[35:18] On Jungle Scout’s plans to release a new freemium product

[37:05] What you can do if you have a low acquisition-to-activation rate

[42:35] How to get new users without paid ads

About Claudia Zúñiga

Claudia Zúñiga is used to working under pressure in the high-paced SaaS industry. She likes finding the best resolution by applying creative problem-solving based on data-driven insights with a customer-centric mindset and approach.

Claudia is always interested in learning new things so she is constantly looking for new webinars and online courses—especially those that cover product creation, graphic and web design, usability, data, and analytics.












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