How OpenPhone Went From 0 to 1000 Customers

Daryna Kulya, Co-founder of OpenPhone, is with us today. She enjoys serving consumers with the best customer experience by creating products that suit their needs. OpenPhone is an app built for teams and individuals so they can level up and use their phones for business anywhere. It’s everything that you and your team need in a phone system! Daryna gives us an overview of how they were able to come up with this unique vision and how they skyrocketed from 0 to 1000 customers.

Are you on the lookout for a business phone? If so, then catch her on the show and stay tuned for more.

Show Notes

[4:47] They want to be a part of an environment that is a lot more inspiring and that allows them to make progress.

[5:50] The reason why they joined Velocity

[6:47] Why did they initially give their product for free?

[9:42] People should be getting value out of the product, so see if that’s true

[12:54] They always knew that OpenPhone would ultimately end up being a product that starts with one person in the company and then scales to the whole team

[19:26] One of the most fundamental lessons learned was that a lot of times you overcomplicate things unnecessarily.

[23:17] Daryna shares some of the biggest milestones that they have achieved throughout the years

[27:08] How were they able to build a team and what did that journey look like?

[34:27] Biggest leadership mistakes and lessons learned from the presence of scale

[35:57 Daryna’s advice on delegation, building a business, and scaling it up

About Daryna Kulya

Daryna Kulya is the COO and co-founder of OpenPhone. She was previously a product manager at Vidyard, where she helped to establish and grow Vidyard GoVideo (ViewedIt). She also worked at Deloitte's Digital Innovation Lab, and helped them with their prototypes and innovations.

Back in 2014, she established Product Hunt Toronto, one of the city's largest product events and the world's first Product Hunt community-run meeting. But what’s more interesting is Daryna is adventurous. She loves hiking trails in her free time.





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