Bonus Episode 2 - Welcome to Good Bagel, Home of the Good Bagel, Can I take your order?

It's our second BONUS EPISODE! Join The Pod Charles Cinecast LIVE, as hosts Jonathan Foster and Ariane Anantaputri took to the stage at The Prince Charles Cinema to present the 1997 Nickelodeon classic GOODBUGER starring Kenan & Kel! This special episode started off innocent enough, but as usual when Jonathan dug a little too deep, he didn't like what he found. Bagels, Orange Soda, FEET and much more fun can be found in this quirky bonus instalment of The Prince Charles Cinema's weekly podcast!

This Episode contained some visuals for the live audience that may not come off as well in audio only, so we uploaded this podcast via Youtube with added visuals for a more immersive experience. Catch it here:

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