Having a Back Up Plan with Alice Judge Talbot

On this week's show I'm talking with author and blogger Alice Judge-Talbot, who's new book 'The Back-Up Plan' helps to look at what to do when your idea of the Happily Ever After doesn't go the way you're expecting it to AKA LIFE!

On the show we discuss:

  • The enormous power of writing and music to process life's challenges
  • The importance of setting boundaries in all areas of your life, and not to be the people pleaser when people rough-road over them
  • How we consciously and unconsciously deal with issues such as sexism, grief, misogony and why we need to bust wide-open the myths around living a 'have it all life'
  • The link between feminism and not feeling enough
  • And why relationships with ourselves, our friends and our families are more important than romantic relationships.

You can find out more about Alice: