Fecking Perfuction with James Victore

Hey Gorgeous Listeners!

I am super excited to have renowned designer and hell raiser James Victore on the show today! I am a HUGE fan and James is totally my kind of human!

James inspires brave rebels to step into bold creativity in order to achieve their personal greatness. 

We discuss how we can let go of the pursuit of perfection and cover topics such as:

  • James' backstory
  • Creative Trauma
  • Self-imposed limitations
  • Unearthing our true creative selves
  • Accessing Play, Joy & Love in our lives
  • The power of femininity
  • Letting children be & nurturing creativity
  • Making good out of Covid-19
  • Victim mode
  • It is all a test!
  • Beginning before you are ready
  • Practicing self-love

Find out more about James' Creative Warrior Mentorship programme over at https://www.jamesvictore.com/