Quantum Leaping with Suzy Ashworth

I am beyond delighted to welcome back onto the Practical Magic Podcast my coach and mentor Suzy Ashworth.

Suzy is a mother of three, a Hay House author, TEDx speaker and a mindset and business coach, who has been leaping into the wild beyonds of creating in the quantum field.

I am down with the expansive power of energy and creating beyond our limitations, and I see just what’s possible when we step into that limitless space, so I invited Suzy on to share more more more.

In this empowering and fascinating topic we discuss:

  • Just what the Quantum field is and how we can go quantum leaping to create beyond our wildest desires.

  • Why energy is ever-y-thing

  • How you can become a master of your energy so that you get to be in co-creation with the universe

  • How you can start strengthening your energetic field in order to go beyond law of attraction in the manifestation game.

  • The true potentiality of activated leadership