Going on a Kundalini Soul Adventure with Trish Whelan

I cannot wait to share my conversation with you with The Beautiful, Soul Adventurer Trish Whelan.

Trish is a Kundalini Global Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and a Sound Healing Therapist. 

Trish also runs a retreat in ibiza and internationally and is opening up her beautiful home for me to share with my practical magic people this October so that they can experience the magic of gathering at a retreat.

In this episode we discuss what is important to us intrinsically and how we need to have a space to be with ourselves on all levels, removing the tools that we use to hide, whilst releasing the energy that is no longer serving us.


We talk about:

  • Finding our Identity & purpose
  • The Power of Reiki - Removing the Shackles
  • Creating the space & removing blocks
  • What are the non-negotiables?
  • Lessons learned during Covid-19
  • The simple pleasures experienced from slowing down
  • Asking ourselves what is really important
  • Soul adventuring & the need to retreat
  • The technology of Kundalini yoga
  • How to explore starting with a practice
  • The 40-Day Journey
  • Harnessing the ability to heal ourselves

You can connect with Trish and find out more about her retreats, practices and also her book at the following places: