Living your life in full satisfaction

A couple of weeks back I shared how we can turn our experiences of dissatisfaction into strengths, after my unfortunate run in with an uncomfortable non-wired bra! This got me to thinking about just what satisfaction is in our BIG, BOLD BEAUTIFUL lives.

On the show today I explore how we can expand beyond just putting up with our lot, and instead step into a life lived with full satisfaction.

In the show I share:


⚡️ Just what it is to live a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life in satisfaction, and why it's more about living in the present moment that worrying about what you do or don't have.

⚡️ Satisfaction to feel satiated and just how it can be to feel fullness and contentment in all areas of your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life.

⚡️ Why satisfaction is about fully embracing those opportunities you take yourself forward with, and how to own your accomplishments and growth spaces.

⚡️ Satisfaction and fulfilling your desires - and how doing something that has been driven by a deep sense of calling and purpose leads to satisfaction of no dream left unlived.

⚡️ Where you seize the call to arms to make the world a fairer and better place by tuning into where you are not satisfied, and how passion can fuel change.


Come and step into  FULL EXPANSION as you journey with me over the next seven months to build your BIG, BOLD BEAUTIFUL dreams from the ground up with THE EXPANSION ACADEMY.

Doors to the ACADEMY will soon be closed for applications, so don't miss out on moving beyond your limitations and into FULL SATISFACTION.