Creating Shine in Your Life with Donna Easton

In this episode i talk with the Gorgeous, Effervescent Donna Easton, the founder of LifeShine, which enables people of all ages to find a way to access parts of themselves that were locked away.

In early 2019 Donna attended a dance and drama class with her then 3 year old daughter, she was struck by the rigidness of the lesson with little outlet for self-expression. Where was the freedom to be who you want to be, to dream, to play, to laugh? It was completely absent. 

With first hand childhood experience of how confidence, resilience, mindfulness and an overarching healthy sense of self-worth result from play without an agenda, Donna got to work on writing the LifeShine programme to reinforce the value of play-not just for children but for the adults who care for them;

Donna's mission is to help people recognise their worth, be confident in who they are, to have a few tools in their emotional toolkit to prevent mental health issues and enable them to have the time of their lives whilst doing it.

We discuss:

  • Embracing your slippery slug!
  • Dancing & singing for wellbeing
  • Living your true self
  • Reconnecting with who you are
  • Remembering our inner child
  • Creativity arising from Covid-19

Let's all make a conscious effort to access our inner child and start getting down with the essence of who we are!

You can connect more with the gorgeous Donna at;