Creativity As an Act of Self Care with Vix Harris

On the show today i have the Beautiful, ultra creative, feminist artist Vix Harris who is passionate about celebrating the strength, diversity and beauty of women (both internally & externally through her art. Her art reflects her deep love of the natural world, and her admiration and respect for the inspirational women who live life on their terms and refuse to apologise for taking up space.

We talk about how we can all tune into creativity & self care during this time of Lockdown and chose to use this time doing things that will help us when its time to reopen the doors to the outside world again.

We discuss:

  • Vix's Background journey of to creativity
  • Developing signature style
  • Creativity as a path to wellness
  • We are all born as creatives
  • Having things around us that give us joy
  • Opening up to sensory experiences
  • Environmental influences
  • Creating a great space
  • The energy created whilst drawing
  • The benefits of acts of kindness during lockdown
  • Protecting our wellbeing during this time

You can connect further with Vix and see her art in the following places.