The Silence was Deafening with Jade Sullivan

On the Practical Magic Podcast the floor is open to Jade Sullivan. Jade is a mama of twins plus one and wife, a Black Activist & writer and creative entrepreneur.

Jade wrote an incredibly powerful article recently for Mother Pukka on the silence of white people on social media in the wake of the George Floyd murder, calling out how deafening it has been to have white voices stay silent when the Black community have been shouting about systemic racism for so long.

In the show today, Jade is here to share more about to talk more in depth about the post she shared. She covers a wide range of topics from:

Her own experiences with systemic racism
The stereotype of the Angry Black Woman, and how that affects the voices of so many Black women to be surpressed
How the silence of white influencers was deafening in the wake of George Floyd's death, and how we all have the position and collateral to do better
How the Black women are 5 x more likely to die in childbirth due to racism
How Black people are 4 x more likely to die from COVID-19 than white people
Why the education system needs to teach about a more diverse range of cultures and heritage of all nations
How the world's map is skewed

I am so incredibly grateful to Jade for coming onto the show to share her voice on the show.

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