Understand What it Takes to be a Content Creator with Sprout Connectors' Deevo

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We talk with Deevo about content creation, photography, podcasting, coffee, and chocolate. We discuss the importance of niching your audience. The photography industry and where it is heading, plus, what PR pro should look for when it comes to hiring a photographer.


Show Notes

·      [01:46] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·      [03:15] Can you give a brief overview about your expertise?

·      [04:36] What does the photography industry look like right now?

·      [06:40] Should photographers switch back to Flickr?

·      [08:14] What’s your take on the DSLR market?

·      [09:51] How has PR and social media evolved?

·      [18:48] Should brands start their own podcasts?

·      [21:05] What’s your opinion clubhouse?

·      [23:44] Should we mirror tactics from Twitch to Clubhouse?

·      [27:34] How should PR pros figure out a “formula” for video?

·      [30:16] PR pros need to find that difference in their videos?

·      [34:10] What is your obsession in your business?

·      [35:23] How should PR pros figure out this multi-channel strategy for content?

·      [39:20] Fun question: How would you approach the future or photography?

·      [44:01] Final thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

·      Deevo was our guest today. Learn more about Sprout Connectors.

Episode Length: 45:12

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