Shining a Light on Employee Excellence with Bloomberg’s Head of Innovation Communication Chaim Haas

In This Episode…

We talk with Bloomberg’s Head of Innovation Communication Chaim Haas about influencer marketing within a company. We talk about why it’s important to find the right employees and show their excellence. We talk about tips to get them to say what’s important and not anything confidential.


Show Notes

·      [00:50] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·      [01:27] Can you give a brief overview about your expertise?

·      [03:11] How have you enhanced the tech and investment side of Bloomberg?

·      [05:23] How do you leverage open source for Bloomberg?

·      [07:50] How do you do influencer marketing within Bloomberg?

·      [13:04] What advice do you for PR pros doing influencer marketing within their own company?

·      [16:24] Should PR pros be creating guidelines for influencers?

·      [19:19] Employee influencers gives another avenue for content?

·      [22:15] What have you learned from doing Innovation Communication at Bloomberg?

·      [27:52] Fun question: What is one of the most interesting stories from Bloomberg?

·      [30:44] Final thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

·      Chaim Haas was our guest today. Learn more about Bloomberg and its engineers.

Episode Length: 33:41

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