How to Listen and Deliver those Cultural Moments with Taco Bell’s Senior Manager of PR and Brand Experience Matt Prince

In This Episode…

We talk with Matt Prince about the impact of Taco Bell on the culture. We talk about what it goes into creating cultural moments, how listening affects those moments, how to change it when it needs to change, and helping young PR pros.


Show Notes

·      [01:01] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·      [02:45] Can you summarize your expertise?

·      [04:59] How did your team create these cultural moments?

·      [08:32] Did you use tools to listen to those touch points?

·      [10:50] Do you listen to some social networks more than others?

·      [12:30] How do you enact those cultural phenomena?

·      [14:52] Is there a way of figuring out course corrections?

·      [16:37] How do you continue to keep Taco Bell on trend?

·      [18:15] How has the pandemic changed the way Taco Bell does earned media?

·      [21:23] How should young PR pros be successful in today’s industry?

·      [26:29] Should young PR pros be a part of PRSA and PRSSA?

·      [27:57] Fun question: If you could create a new food item for Taco Bell, what would it be?

·      [28:53] Final thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

·      Matt Prince was our guest today. Learn more about Taco Bell.

Episode Length: 29:28

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