Dive Deeper into Link Building and SEO with Fibre Marketing’s Head of PR Alice Wilks

In This Episode…

We talk with Alice Wilks about SEO, link building, and content. We talk about the changes in SEO, how to do link building effectively, content, the future of Digital PR, and how traditional PR pros can make the transition to Digital PR.


Show Notes

·      [00:42] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·      [01:17] Can you give a brief overview about your expertise?

·      [02:24] How Digital PR changed since the pandemic?

·      [03:26] How important is SEO link building?

·      [04:22] What should you not do with link building?

·      [05:02] What do you do with no link back or do not track links?

·      [05:42] What’s the impact of content on SEO?

·      [06:00] Has PR pros shifted more to content because it’s easier to understand?

·      [06:40] Has consumer behavior changed since the pandemic?

·      [09:09] How can Digital PR pros become successful in their link building and content?

·      [10:07] How can traditional PR pros make the transition to Digital PR?

·      [11:16] Has audio content become more important to SEO?

·      [12:33] What is the future of Digital PR?

·      [14:09] Do you think influencer marketing will become more platform specific?

·      [14:31] Do you use any tools for SEO?

·      [14:58] Fun question: If you could create a new feature for Digital PR what would it be?

·      [15:59] Final thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

·      Alice Wilks was our guest today. Learn more about Fibre Marketing.

Episode Length: 16:43

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