#95 - Black Lives Matter & High School Reunions (ALL-ENGLISH)

This week we sat down with super friend of the podcast - comic Kathryn Virginia Mathews. We talked about her upcoming high school reunion and her fears and hopes regarding it. She talks about not becoming a doctor like her peers and hoping the head cheerleader got fat. We discuss humble bragging, fake traveling, peeing on your partner, hand jobs and Peter getting not so ready for cuffing season.

After that we go in deep on the Black Lives Matter movement and American police officers killing black men without legal consequences. Jon talks about his past interactions with police, we discuss white privilege/guilt and handling white friends and even family members who don't get the importance of at least acknowledging both the situation and need of the BLM-movement.

We conclude with our two cents on Teacher Bae - the grade school teacher who got in trouble for being too hot. Also music tips and the Winner of the Week. Lots of laughs and a lot of seriousness in this one! Please listen, download, subscribe... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy