#165 – Mass shootings, Guns, Cultural Appropriation and DM'ing Chicks w. Kathryn Virginia Mathews (ALL ENGLISH!)

Yo. In this week's first episode we sit down with homegirl Kathryn Virginia Mathews to talk about the most recent mass shooting in the US that occurred during a country music festival in Las Vegas. Kathryn – who last joined us after the election – talks about tackling family and friends who have turned to the dark side since Trump took office. Jon wishes the democrats would grow a spine while Amat and Peter don't even know how they would go about getting gun in Sweden. We discuss socialized health-care, the blind love for the second ammendment and throwing nunchucks.

We also discuss cultural appropriation in the form of dreadlocks and asian tattoos - and Kathryn getting cast as an Egyptian godess. Don't miss Jon and Peter arguing over the "meaning of" DM:ing chicks. Thunder is brought this episode. Enjoy!

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