#157 – Hurricanes & surgeries with Mama Rollins

What. An. Episode. This week we're visited by Mrs. Sarah Rollins! Yes, Jon's momma (and grandma, stay tuned!) came on the pod and kicked it with us.

We talk about Hurricane Irma being the first major hurricane to directly hit Miami in 25 years. We discuss flooding, looting, gators, hurricane parties and black people not being great swimmers. Let's just say we thank the most high for not having natural disasters in Sweden.

Mama Rollins also told us mad stories from being a surgical technologist. We hear about treating bullet wounds, cracking open sternums, patients falling off of tables and open heart surgeries gone wrong.

After that we talk about growing up in the parts of Miami that ain't featured on postcards; like not being allowed to go outside, mean muggin and sneaking guns past a school metal detectors.

All this AND black masculinity workshops, Jamie Foxx dating Katie Holmes and some of the greatest soul music ever.

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