#125 – The Paper Chase/Fyre Festival with Erin Fears (ALL ENGLISH)

This week we're visited by pod homegirl Erin Fears for an all-English episode. Last time we spoke with Erin (ep. #101) was right after the US election. Today, Jon and Erin discuss their impressions of Trump's time in office so far. The shame is real. We chop it up about office jobs, American work pressure and the consequences of not honoring the Swedish fika (coffee break). Then we go in on ambitions and goals to become "rich". But also about the will to put in the work for it. We talk spoiled kids, the American hustler's mentality and pro athletes going broke. This is a real good one people! Also stories about Amat flying business class, Ja Rule's Fyre Festival debacle and some great music tips! Aight.. chill Stötta oss på Patreon för regelbundna bonusavsnitt + mer!

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