Postcards from the Edge

by Ayda Field Williams
They speak the same language (well, sort of), so why do the Americans and the British do pretty much everything differently? In her new podcast “Postcards From The Edge”, Ayda Williams, an American in Britain, tries to make some sense of this endlessly baffling and frequently absurd cultural divide. (Is there really no limit to the ways British people are weird and illogical? And why do they keep saying “sorry”, especially as they’re rarely sorry for the stuff they should be?) Each week Ayda sits down with a noted British person to explore these differences and grapple for common ground, periodically aided and abetted by her very definitely American mother Gwen and her very definitely British first husband Robbie Williams. Social Media: @aydafieldwilliams Executive Producers; Sophie Paluch, Ayda Field Williams Producer: Warren Borg. Music written and produced by Karl Brazil & Owen Parker, Mixed by Owen Parker, Vocals by Robbie Williams & Theodora Williams. Original artwork by Alex Merry. Please note this episode was recorded before the Covid-19 emergency. Let us know if you loved it by leaving a review and a 5 star rating!

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  • Comedy
  • Society & Culture