‘Do not come.’

Vice President Harris delivers a blunt warning against crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. How the tax returns of the richest Americans are spurring talk of a wealth tax. And, the renewed popularity of Crocs during the pandemic. 
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In her first international trip as vice president, Kamala D. Harris attempted to thread a delicate needle on immigration: remaining stern on border crossings while offering incentives to would-be migrants to remain in Central America. Reporter Nick Miroff examines Harris’s two-day tour through Guatemala and Mexico and how the visit aimed to address the root causes of mass migration. 
What are the wealthiest Americans paying in income taxes? According to Post finance reporter Todd Frankel, a new report from ProPublica reveals a startling answer - and breathes new life into calls for a wealth tax. 
Retail reporter Abha Bhattarai and Post Reports producer Jordan-Marie Smith explore the pandemic popularity boost experienced by everyone’s favorite ugly shoe: Crocs.