Forge Global Founders are on the Positive Phil Show… Empowering investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets.

Forge Global Founders are on the Positive Phil Show… Empowering investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets.

About Forge Global Inc.

Forge Global Inc. is a premier trading and settlement partner for a wide range of investors in the private markets. The company empowers investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets. Forge, Inc. was founded by Y Combinator alumni and backed by top investors including Tim Draper, FT Partners and Munich Re. Forge Global’s platform allows shareholders and investors in privately held innovation firms to liquidate a portion of their shares and provides private and institutional investors access to top companies like Spotify, Lyft and 23 and Me before their IPO.

Sohail Prasad
Founder, President

Sohail has an extensive background in product management, engineering, and business. As an eighteen-year-old, he was among the youngest founders to go through Y Combinator. Over the years, Sohail has advised and invested in a number of startups, including notable startups such as Zenefits and Coin. He continues to invest actively through S2 Capital, and serves as its Founding Partner. Prior to founding Forge, Sohail managed mobile product at Zynga. He previously joined mobile advertising firm Chartboost as its second engineering hire, and has held roles at Google and the MIT Media Lab. Sohail was awarded TCU's Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2010, and has since been named a Thiel Fellow by the Thiel Foundation. He previously attended Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Samvit Ramadurgam
Founder, President

Samvit has extensive expertise in engineering, product development, and product growth. He went through the Y Combinator program and started his first venture-backed company when he was nineteen years old. Prior to starting Forge, Samvit co-founded Streem, a cloud storage company which was acquired by Box in 2014. Samvit is an active angel investor and frequently invests in startups through S2 Capital, where he serves as founding partner. His previous work spans numerous startups, most recently including Asana where he built out distributed systems infrastructure and Livemagic where he developed audio fingerprinting algorithms. In a previous life, he conducted research on high temperature superconductivity at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Samvit holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

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