World Mental Health Day. A Smile Can Change Someones Life. Chuck Rockey, Super Life Coach is on the Positive Phil Show

Chuck Rockey is a Princeton-educated software engineer-turned-relationship coach with a passion for helping clients invite more happiness and vitality into their lives.

His method of coaching considers the unique patterns in our everyday interactions to facilitate stronger friendships and an overall sense of community. Chuck prides himself
on guiding people to add new dimensions to their lives – such as self-acceptance, focus, greater connection or whatever they desire to add to their world.

When not working with people to build more nourishing lives, Chuck is expanding his own experiences. He has gone to Burning Man for the last 15 years, traveled to over 25 countries, become a certified yoga and meditation teacher and studied the structure of human experience through such varied disciplines as Zen Buddhism and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Chuck was a tech leader and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for 25 years when a stroke left him temporarily unable to speak, see clearly or perform everyday functions. This life-altering experience profoundly changed his outlook on life, gave him a renewed sense
of purpose and provided him with the knowledge that out of adversity comes strength and the opportunity to help others.
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