POPCAST: Life After Reality TV, With Bree Amer Wilkes

Episode four of POPSUGAR Australia’s podcast, POPCAST, sees host Tim Dormer interview one of reality TV’s originals, Bree Amer Wilkes. In 2004, Bree was wrongly evicted and sent back into the Big Brother house to face her suspicious housemates. She went on to place second, exiting a fan favourite and going on to find success behind the camera as a producer on My Kitchen Rules. Bree’s honest interview with Tim gives an insight into the question we all want answered – how scripted is reality TV?  

In this episode we hear about:

  • What made Bree decide to go on Big Brother as a contestant (02:31)
  • How Bree’s Big Brother experience would be different today (05:15)
  • Bree’s TV experience immediately after Big Brother, from contestant to talent (06:20)
  • Bree’s unexpected opportunity post-Big Brother (09:15)
  • What really happened throughout Bree’s wrongful eviction saga (10:00)
  • Feeling the wrath of her suspicious Big Brother housemates (12:40)
  • How Big Brother changed over the years (17:30)
  • Bree's dual experience as a contestant and producer (18:00)
  • The casting process between producer and contestant (19:21)
  • The editing process in reality TV and how people are really represented (23:15)
  • Whether Bree would reappear on reality TV (26:15)
  • Bree's relationship with fans today, and life post-reality TV (26:57)


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